A brand to care for those in need. 

A quick online research for telehealth will show you many options of treatments and online counseling, but none of them seem to care too much about some of the most mentally vulnerable people in our society: LGBT people victims of abuses or traumas.

With the core idea of filling that gap, and providing the tools for a balanced life, i.lanzo is the first telehealth brand not to ignore the audience's personal history and their struggles. This is a brand that understands everyone deserves a healthier mind and heart.

Happiness through balance. Balance through health.

I.lanzo was named after the latin word "bilance", meaning balance. The brand's core belief is that happines can only be achieved by a balance of mental, biological and emotional health, alongside the control of our impulses. 

The brand is expected to grow over the mental health brackets and compete in all general online medicine fields, providing a more reliable and empathetic option for the famously expansive and defective american health system.

Strong personality, strong brand

In order to reach such audience, the regular "care and trust" brand personality was just not good enough. I.lanzo needed to speak their language and be versatile enough to talk about issues other telehealth brands ignore, in places other brands wouldn't dare step on.
Brand Archetypes:
The Jester + The Hero + The Caregiver
Brand Voice:
Edgy, Honest, Caring, Inspiring, Confident
Brand Drives:
Empowerment, Service, Happiness, Recognition, Mastery
Brand Fears:
Solitude, Anguish, Depression, Acceptance, Failure, Defeat
Essential Qualities:
Empathetic, Unapologetic, Free-spirited, Subversive
Mission Statement:
To use technology and educational content to provide vulnerable people with
affordable, empowering medical experiences, in order to support their pursuit
for a happier, healthier, better living.
Brand Purpose:
To support and assist the people in their pursuit for a healthier life.

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