About Napolità
Napolità is a high-end restaurant located in Wall Street, New York City. They are specialized in Neapolitan Seafood, as the owner and chef comes from a Neapolitan family of immigrants. 

Their main audience is the people who work and pass by Wall Street everyday. Men and women with a fine taste for good food and who demand excellent customer service.

They were looking to compete with the neraby brands and position themselves as the best option for fine seafood in the area. They wanted to increase their average spending per consumer as well, so they decided to hire me to brand them accordingly.

The symbol is a mix of a an ancient Neapolitan Coin and a lifebuoy, and I chose it to be this way because the Neapolitan seafood the world knows and loves has become the way it is thanks to the traditional fisherman of the area.

So the idea was to make it obvious the restaurant is about seafood in a way that could identify the Neapolitan style right away. Thefore the symbol carries the idea of the city of Napoli and also pays respect to those who made Neapolitan seafood what it is!

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